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Division: Library Types

This Section provides an active international forum for the development and promotion of public libraries which serve the whole community in the context of the information society and ensure free and equal access to information at the local level. It also includes mobile libraries.


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Last update: 31 March 2014

Latest News

Arbeitsplatz, oportunidades and essential!

Arbeitsplatz, oportunidades and essential, these and a host of other words are being submitted by public library users worldwide to describe their local library.

Continued… | 11 July 2014

How do you describe a public library? - the community speaks

Members of the Public Libraries Standing Committee are asking their communities what words or concepts immediately come to mind when they think of public libraries.

Continued… | 9 July 2014

1001 Libraries to see before you die!

Planning a trip, want to visit some libraries but not sure where you should go?

Continued… | 2 July 2014