Ebooks are an essential part of the collections of most public and academic libraries globally. During COVID use has increased significantly consuming an increasing amount of our budgets, management and energy.

After more than a decade of mainstream library use of ebooks and less than satisfactory outcomes from negotiations with publishers and suppliers the ebook crisis continues with libraries continuing to be impacted by increasing and unpredictable license costs, restrictive licensing terms and restrictions on content availability.

Through a combination of speakers and workshop sessions this satellite meeting will seek to set a future agenda to inform IFLA’s and our profession’s future advocacy, and thought leadership around ebooks.

Speakers include: Johanna Anderson, Cathal McCauley, Mikkel Christoffersen, Ben White, Kyle Courtney and Arne Upmeier.  

Registration is required.

An e book reader next to a pile of books
Image credit: Pexels, Perfecto Capucine