The Ministry of Education of Ecuador is hosting the 4th seminar for public and school libraries working with the Centre for Reading Promotion for Latin America (CERLALC). IFLA is closely involved, following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with CERLALC, and will present on the Public Library Manifesto.

Officials and experts from across Latin America will meet in Quito, Ecuador, on 9-11 May, in order to share insights and drive progress in realising the potential of public and school libraries.

The event covers three key themes: the role of libraries in bridging divides in society and delivering on the right to education; interculturality, diversity and inclusion; and the new languages and tools that are shaping the work of libraries today.

In particular, there will be a session focused on promoting the UNESCO-IFLA Public Library Manifesto, led by IFLA’s representative, Adriana Cybele Ferrari, joined by Veronica Maigua (Ecuador) and Fabiola Vergara (Peru).

We look forward to the possibility to engage, and to maximising the positive impact of the Manifesto in supporting the realisation of the potential of public and school libraries across the region.