Please note, these resources are no longer current. Use our latest 2018 Toolkit to organise your Global Vision Workshop

The Global Vision discussion is your discussion!

We encouraged the library field to use the Global Vision workshop toolkit below to organise and facilitate creative educational workshops with their community, network, colleagues or staff.

While the collection of information for the Global Vision report is now complete, the discussion is still ongoing. Following the successful completion of the Global Vision meetings held between April and October 2017, we encouraged participants to use the discussion format that was developed for the purpose of those meetings and organise their own Global Vision workshop.

IFLA Global Vision

This was an opportunity to practice facilitation skills, to strengthen the connections within your library community and to keep the Global Vision discussion going.

The toolkit describes context, group process, structure, outcomes of the meeting as well as questions that participants are called to answer. It also includes a set of useful tips about the organisation of the IFLA Global Vision workshop as well as support materials that can be downloaded below. 


Download Workshop materials (English)