Following the publication of the Agenda for the 2020 IFLA General Assembly on 20 October, a procedure for submitting questions regarding the subjects on the agenda of the 2020 IFLA General Assembly was established.  Answers have been collected, reviewed, and published on this webpage.

General Assembly

I would like to take part in the meeting on 5 November. Will a link be shared so that I can do this? It is not entirely clear to me how this will be managed.
[Translated from Dutch] 


A link and instructions on how to participate in IFLA’s General Assembly 2020 will be shared shortly with our Members. Please contact if you have not received this by 3 November 2020.

Motion 12.3: World Library and Information Congress

One of the agenda items is: ‘Motion to propose to the Governing Board to investigate alternative and sustainable ways to conduct future WLIC and arrange WLIC as a global event only every third year’. This sounds like the decision has already been made to only hold WLIC every three years.  What input has been or will be sought on the pros and cons of such a decision?


No decision has been made about changing the frequency of IFLA Congresses. We are currently planning for annual conferences for at least the next three years, based on agreements, and where relevant, contracts, with our partners. However, a priority for the coming years, in line with the IFLA Strategy, is to explore changes in our congress model in order to ensure that it responds to the needs of IFLA and its Members, and wider global considerations. As part of this process, the Governing Board would carry out extensive consultations exploring the pros and cons of a change in the frequency of WLICs.