About the Indigenous Matters Section


The Section's main purpose is to support the provision of culturally responsive and effective services to indigenous communities throughout the world. Its main objectives are to promote international cooperation in the fields of library, culture, knowledge and information services to indigenous communities that meet their intergenerational, community, cultural and language needs, and to encourage indigenous leadership within the sector, exchange of experience, education and training, and research in all aspects of this subject.  The Section seeks to connect, collaborate and work in cooperation with other IFLA Sections; national indigenous library, culture, knowledge and information associations/groups; and the International Indigenous Librarians’Forum (IILF).

Facebook group

The Facebook group has been created for those interested in library services for and with indigenous peoples. All are invited to join; you need not be an institutional or personal member of IFLA. The group includes indigenous members as well as those interested in this topic and supporting indigenous issues.

Indigenous Matters

Last update: 19 September 2017