Our website, formerly known as IFLANET, has rapidly become a prime source of information not only about IFLA, but also on a broad spectrum of library and information issues. With the launch of the current website in April 2009 we started an entirely new chapter of online presence.

We have switched from a static, 'flat' website to the very flexible Drupal with its modular structure. With it we can provide the IFLA groups with tools to manage their own part of the website. Also, and certainly not less importantly, we are able to expand our online presence and add services much easier than before.


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Website Administration

All questions about and comments on the IFLA websites, as well as content to be addedd and suggestions for changes, should be sent to the webmasters. For this you can use the dedicated web form.

Please note that we have procedures and guidelines for submitting documents and other content for the website.