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Albukhary International University: A Tapestry of Vision, Values, and Architectural Grandeur

27 February 2024

    In the heart of Alor Setar, Albukhary International University (AIU) stands as a testament to architectural brilliance, resonating with the inspired historical design reflecting the grandeur of classical Islamic architecture from the golden age of knowledge. Beyond its physical beauty, AIU is distinguished by the diversity of its multicultural students, representing over 60 nationalities. As a private nonprofit education institution, AIU was founded with the aim to provide an opportunity for talented, driven, yet underprivileged individuals to pursue higher education, transforming them into holistic, adaptable, balanced, well-rounded, and life-ready graduates poised to be agents of change in societies. Read more

    Role of Librarians in fighting misinformation: A Librarian’s experience on Wikipedia

    22 February 2024

      A key goal of IFLA's engagement with international organisations, not least the United Nations, is to create opportnities for our members to form partnerships that bring benefits to them and their communities. We're therefore happy to share this interview with Raymond Chepkwony of the Kenya National Library Service, who tells as about his experience of working with the UN country team in Kenya. 

      Setting a benchmark for the next IFLA Strategy: latest survey results out

      22 February 2024

        We are happy to presents a summary of the results of our survey into the proposed changed pathways for the development of our next Strategy (2024-2029). This offers useful pointers on where we should focus most of our efforts, as well as lots of rich material for subsequent planning of actions. Crucially, it also gives us a benchmark that we can use when trying to evaluate whether future drafts of the Strategy are doing what the field wants and needs.

        Advocating for school libraries for quality education through the IFLA School Library Manifesto

        21 February 2024

          Advocating for school libraries not for the school library itself, but for quality education, is important both in countries where the school library does not have a legal framework and status, and in countries where the school library exists, but staff and funding are cut to “save money”. A very important and impactful advocacy tool could be the IFLA School Library Manifesto, released by IFLA and IASL in September 2021.

          When Hangzhou Meets Milan: A Joint Endeavor by Hangzhou and Milan Public Libraries Showcases “Hangzhou Feel” Exhibition

          19 February 2024

            The “Hangzhou Feel” Exhibition, a collaborative project between Hangzhou Public Library and its international sister library, Milan Public Library, was successfully held in Milan, Italy, from September 16 to November 30,2023. Beyond strengthening the connection between libraries, the exhibition also aimed to foster mutual respect and understanding between Eastern and Western cultures, contributing to the advancement of the creative and cultural industries in both cities.