Key Initiative 3 — Outreach Programme for Advocacy and Advancement of the Profession:

Connecting, collaborating, representing strategically

[Meets Strategic Directions 1, 2, 4]

A planning framework to visualise IFLA’s advocacy and outreach participation in events, meetings or conferences and assist in applying IFLA’s limited human and financial resources in the most beneficial ways to meet the strategic directions of the IFLA Strategic Plan 2010-2015

  • Raise the visibility of IFLA’s outreach activities:
  • Embed an online Outreach calendar in the IFLA website [during 2012]
  • Create capacity to accept remote submissions of outreach activities, moderated by IFLA Regional Offices in association with the advocacy unit, fully hyperlinked to activity description
  • Create a reporting loop from completed activities in the calendar to IFLA news and reports