~~Health and Biosciences Section – IFLA, Columbus, Ohio
1st Business Meeting

Saturday, 13 August 2016
12:30 pm – 3:00 pm


1. Adoption of the agenda
a. Minutes adopted previously
b. Agenda adopted

2. Introductions of current section members
a. Maria Musoke, Liz Holmgren, Mary White, Martin Morris, Heather Todd, Maria Taverniti, Judy Consales, Anne Seymour

3. Chairperson’s report
a. Chair presented her report.

4. Matters arising from Chairperson’s report
a. Need to identify EAHIL rep
i. Action: ask Brian procedure for identifying EAHIL rep
c. Paper selection: challenging, proposal to offer opportunity to give shorter, brief talks/lightening talks, agreement from members and will be presented in call for papers
i. Proposal to have survey following open session getting feedback.
ii. Action: following business meeting a small group will produce
d. Recognized Maria Musoke for publication of book
e. More vital membership
i. Call for new members after IFLA
ii. Address issue of appointing corresponding members
iii. Action: Send out reminders of business meetings
iv. Action: Note in minutes: who couldn’t attend IFLA or the business meeting

5. Open Session 2016
a. 17 August 2016, 9:30-11:30 am, Room C210-212
Session 167: From Action to Impact: health information professionals connecting communities – Health and Biosciences Libraries
b. Action: request members attend, 6 papers

6. What makes a dynamic IFLA Professional Unit?
a. Action: Complete worksheet in preparation for Session 193: Wednesday 17 August 2016, 13:45 – 16:00, room C220-222

7. 2016 Action Plan Mapping
a. unfinished, save for 2nd Business Meeting on Thursday

8. Open Session 2017 Planning: Themes, Sub-themes
a. The WLIC main theme is: Libraries, Solidarity, Society
b. HBS theme:
i. Claiming (aiming at) a healthy future together: new roles for libraries (MM)
ii. NEW theme developed in meeting: Achieving a healthy future together: diverse and emerging roles for health information professionals
c. Sub themes proposed by section members:
i. Value and impact of health information services (HT);
ii. Emerging development models and future health information services/libraries;
iii. Open Access: journals, repositories and open/big data: what new roles will health information professionals play? (Hao J)
iv. Health information services outside the library or at the point of need including point of care resources, embedded librarianship (clinical rotation librarians) and outreach services. (MH)
d. New sub themes developed in meeting
i. New: Scholarly publishing and scholarly impact of health information;
ii. New: Using alternative measurement of impact beyond traditional scholarly output;
iii. New: Evolving and emerging sources of health information, e.g. data repositories, data mining including social data mining, data visualization, patient-specific and genomic data;
iv. Delivering health information services at the point of need, e.g. embedded librarians, clinical librarians, research informationists, and community outreach services
v. Note: include mention of ethics

9. Satellite Conference 2017 Planning
a. Co-sponsored by:  Science & Technology Libraries Section; Education & Training Section; Health & Biosciences Libraries Section – Key Contact:  Julia Gelfand, Secretary, STL (jgelfand@uci.edu)
b. Title:  Training & Development for Science, Engineering & Medical Librarians (to be reviewed, subject to change)
c. Two planning meetings in Columbus  – please attend one and let Julia know which one you will be at – please also feel free to encourage other members of your standing committees to attend who are interested in working on this:
i. Sunday, 14 August from 12:30- 14:00 – Room C216
ii. Monday, 15 August from 14:30-16:00 – Room C223
d. New: Heather Todd our rep

10. IFLA Publishing HBS Book proposal:
a. Agree with proposal
b. Make sure international perspective

11. ICML 2017

12. ICML 2021
a. Do we want to have 2021? Should we prepare document?
b. Save discussion for 2nd Business Meeting on Thursday.

13. 2nd HBS Business Meeting
a. 18 August 2016, 09:45 – 11:15, Room C216

14. Other business
a. Issue of appointing corresponding members
b. Action: determine number of corresponding members and process for appointing corresponding members