18.08.2016, 10:45 – 12:45, Room C213-215

Session 214

Evaluating our worth: how can we quantify the value of libraries and information centers? – Statistics and Evaluation

What is the value proposition for academic and public libraries globally? How do both types of libraries effectively measure their collections and services beyond the usual methods like cost per use or the number of queries answered annually? What are the best methods for advocating for funding for your library?

Join us for an inâ€depth discussion and several case studies on demonstrating value through assessment methods.

Chair: Rebecca B. Vargha, School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina, United States


  1. Jennifer Arns, University of South Carolina, United States:
    Ms Arns will discuss her research on the value of public libraries
  2. Tay Ai Cheng, National Library Board, Singapore:
    Ms Tay Ai Cheng will share experiences on creating value in the context of the Singapore experience
  3. Jessica Dorr, Global Libraries, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, United States:
    Ms Dorr will discuss user outcome measurement and why it is important. She will also discuss what can be measured beyond the typical metrics, and how to do it
  4. Patrice Landry, Swiss National Library, Switzerland:
    Mr Landry will share an ooverview of the current situation in national libraries in term of evaluation and assessment. He will also discuss current work underway by ISO in drafting a new standard that would integrate both quantitative indicators and impact measurement for national libraries