The Governing Board of IFLA has pleasure in submitting this Convening Notice of the General Assembly meeting.

The IFLA General Assembly meetings will take place on 20 & 21 August 2014.  The complete agenda along with detailed notes are available in the Convening Notice* [Español].

Voting at IFLA's General Assembly

During the General Assembly, IFLA members will have the opportunity to vote on several strategic issues.

All IFLA members that have paid their membership fees for 2014 have the right to vote and will receive Voting Forms by regular post.

Don't let your vote be lost if you are not able to attend the General Assembly! You can have someone vote for you by using the Proxy Form that accompanies your Voting Form.  The Proxy Form authorizes your voting replacement and is available in all seven official IFLA languages:

Proxy forms

English | Deutsch | français | Español | Русский | 中文 | العربية

Please note that you will only have the right to vote during the General Assembly if your membership fee has been paid. If your membership fee is received after 31 July 2014, you may retrieve your Voting and Proxy forms at the IFLA secretariat in Lyon.

For questions regarding voting at the General Assembly, please contact our Membership Officer, Tatjana Hoeink.

* This invitation was sent to all IFLA members by regular mail on 17 June 2014.  If membership payment is received after 17 June 2014, Voting and Proxy forms will be posted to the Highest Official until 31 July 2014.