Translated IFLA Standards – their impact

Following the recent publication of a series of key IFLA standards by the IFLA Chinese Language Centre, we're happy to share a conversation between the coordinator of the Centre and Victoria Owen, Chair of the IFLA Advisory Committee on Standards, to understand more about the impact of the translation of IFLA materials.  

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  • 17 May 2024

When Hangzhou Meets Milan: A Joint Endeavor by Hangzhou and Milan Public Libraries Showcases “Hangzhou Feel” Exhibition

The “Hangzhou Feel” Exhibition, a collaborative project between Hangzhou Public Library and its international sister library, Milan Public Library, was successfully held in Milan, Italy, from September 16 to November 30,2023. Beyond strengthening the connection between libraries, the exhibition also aimed to foster mutual respect and understanding between Eastern and Western cultures, contributing to the advancement of the creative and cultural industries in both cities.

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  • 19 February 2024

“Building a Digital Network of Chinese Ancient Books” Chinese Ancient Books Resources Database Construction and Services

Ancient books are important carriers of Chinese civilisation. To meet the diversified needs of readers in the networked context of informatisation, the National Library of China has established the “Chinese Ancient Books Preservation & Conservation Project". Read more

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  • 19 February 2024

IFLA Local History and Genealogy Section Webinar: Providing New Insights in the Fields of Genealogy and Local History in Asia

The IFLA Local History and Genealogy Section cordially invite you to a webinar on 15 March 2023, 10:00-11:30 (China time) about new insights in the field of genealogy in China and Japan. Please register at the link above.

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  • 01 February 2023