Earthquake in Türkiye and Syria

On behalf of IFLA, I want to send strength and courage to our colleagues in Türkiye and Syria, in the wake of the terrible destruction and the sufferings of the people created by the recent earthquakes. I feel for the people in these countries who have lost not only their homes and belongings but also many people who were close to them.

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  • 09 February 2023

Innovating and enterprising for libraries in development initiatives: interview with Merve Yavuzdemir

At the heart of the work of IFLA and the library field as a whole around the SDGs is the fact that libraries are partners for development, across the policy agenda. As a result, it makes sense that libraries should also be involved in wider initiatives that look to deliver on development goals, at the national and international levels. We interviewed Merve Yavuzdemir from Turkey, who is running library projects with the United Nations Development Programme, to find out more, and to underline the possibilities for libraries everywhere to be proactive in taking a place at the table!

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  • 01 June 2022

Integrating libraries and culture into sustainable development planning: IFLA SG speaks at 4th Culture Summit

Around the world, there are already very positive examples of local and regional governments integrating libraries and culture into their wider development policies. To spread this good practice, we need both to build awareness, and shape global frameworks. 

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  • 27 September 2021