Small Island Developing States (SIDS) face particular development challenges linked to their geography and vulnerability to shocks. As such, the UN has sought for many years to establish targeted programming for them, with framework documents established periodically. The 4th SIDS conference will set the scene for this work in the coming years.

Libraries can be vital infrastructures in these situations, offering not only connectivity, but a wide variety of related services, plus the skills and confidence-building to use them.

Moreover, as guardians of memory, they can have a key role in helping unique cultures persist, as well as being the backbone of infrastructures for improving policy making and risk management.

IFLA will be represented at the conference by Nitzah Jacobus (CuraƧao) and Miguel Viciedo (Cuba), who will be working to ensure that relevant policy makers have a clear idea of how libraries can help address the specific circumstances of SIDS, and helping to build partnerships that help fulfil this potential.