IFLA has started a working group on Wikidata and Wikibase since 2019, thanks to motivated professionals. This group aims to coordinate actions, events and preparation of documents around Wikidata and Wikibase for library staff and support professionals in capacity building.

The working group will host a workshop on the 21st of April at 16:00 CET with registration (50 participants) for librarians and wikimedians to support the development of additional workshops during #1Lib1Ref on Wikidata and support capacity-building on this topic for the library community.

#1Lib1Ref, Libraries are getting ready to participate

From 15 May to 5 June 2021, the Wikimedia Foundation will again launch the #1Lib1Ref campaign to invite library staff and their audiences to improve the reliability of sources in Wikipedia.

For libraries, this is an opportunity to raise awareness about the need to verify information on the internet, to cross-reference multiple reliable sources in order to allow everyone to build an opinion and to learn how to improve Wikipedia.

Libraries and librarians can teach how to look for resources, how the information is structured within their libraries, and therefore support the public willing to access and make use of their resources.

Providing sources – from Wikipedia to Wikidata

IFLA’s Wikidata and Wikibase working group is delighted to organise an event around Wikidata in the framework of the #1Lib1Ref (1 Librarian 1 Reference) campaign.

This event will take place on 21 April at 16:00 CET – (Registration) and will host 50 interested librarians and wikimedians to train them to develop their own Wikidata workshops and events.

Train the trainers, building capacity among librarianship

During previous campaigns, library staff and practitioners have contributed to improving sources during the #1Lib1Ref campaign, not only in Wikipedia but also in Wikidata.

In order to support those interested in expanding this movement by offering a multitude of tools to contribute to the campaign, IFLA’s Wikidata and Wikibase working group offers the possibility for 50 participants to attend a Train-The-Trainers workshop to learn how to set up an event to contribute to Wikidata during the #1Lib1Ref campaign.

We will also provide resources that can help you learn how to edit on Wikidata, and show the advantages that Wikidata provides for improved discoverability of library collections.

Registration here.

Following this event, the working group will organise office hours.

* 5 May at 16:00 CEST/The Hague – 14:00 UTC-time
* 12 May at 00:00 CEST /The Hague – 22:00 UTC-time
* 19 May at 16:00 CEST/ The Hague – 14:00 UTC-time
* 26 May at 08:00 CEST/The Hague – 06:00 UTC-time
* 2 June at 00:00 CEST/The Hague – 22:00 UTC-time

If you wish to join us, please contact Camille Francoise – camille.francoise[@]ifla.org