The 1st International Conference of Municipal Libraries of Aveiro Region (1ª Conferência Internacional Bibliotecas Municipais Região de Aveiro) will be held from 3-4 March 2016 at the Bibliotecas Municipais da Região de Aveiro in Aveiro, Portugal. The theme of the conference is "(Re) Thinking the Public Library" ([Re]Pensar a Biblioteca Pública) and will focus on the future of public libraries and the opportunities arising from innovation, change and contemporary developments in the library sector.

Jennefer Nicholson will give a presentation on Transforming library services in the digital information environment on 4 March.

Abstract: The library sector is working within a rapidly changing information environment influenced by the digital world and changing user and community needs. To be a part of this evolving environment the library sector needs to understand these changes and position their library services as community assets that assist to achieve local and national goals. This can be assisted by taking opportunities available at the international, national and local levels, but success requires a change in the attitudes and skills of the library sector to rethink and embrace the changing information environment.

more information: Arquivo Distrital de Aveiro (in Portuguese)