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Join us 10-11 August 2016 at the Library of Congress, Washington DC., USA for the IFLA Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Satellite Meeting which will be held with the theme, “Transforming resource sharing in a networked global environment“. Registration is open from the meeting website.

 As library users’ information needs become more diverse and international, we, resource sharing practitioners are trying our best to satisfy our users’ demands by going up and beyond the traditional boundary of resource sharing. Contacting a colleague in another side of the globe became not rare but a daily task for many of us.  However, there are obvious challenges to overcome before achieving a seamless global resource sharing network. The DDRS Standing Committee believes this satellite meeting at the Library of Congress will provide our community a good opportunity to share our experience and knowledge regarding the resource sharing in a networked global environment. Sharing our experience will be the starting point of a better resource sharing network.  

This meeting will be held in association with the 82nd  Annual IFLA Conference in Columbus, Ohio, USA. (13-19 August 2016).