Libraries, archives, and other cultural heritage institutions have digitized millions of pages of newspapers over the past two decades and have also tackled the challenges of preserving born digital news, broadcast news, and other forms of news media. As this work continues, scholars and the public have adopted new ways of using and interacting with news media in all its forms, and there is a need for continued instruction in the use of newspapers and news media.

The International News Media Conference will bring together librarians, scholars, and other interested researchers to share developments in the broad landscape of preservation, access, and use of news media. The conference addresses one or more of the following themes:

Libraries’ Roles in Preserving and Building Access to News Media

Preservation practices for all news media formats including print, born digital, and social media; community collaboration, library-publisher relationships, mass news preservation and access initiatives.

News Content in Education

Educational uses of newspapers & news media (for example, teaching with primary sources, teaching content analysis of news media, news literacy); providing context to historical and modern news collections; connecting news pieces to show different sides of a story.

Digital Humanities and Newspapers

Use of newspapers and other news media in Digital Humanities/Digital Scholarship research, such as digital humanities projects that incorporate news content; exploration of AI applications in news research; news text corpora in machine processing and text and data mining.

This is offered as a hybrid conference. Presentations will be in-person and virtual. Attendance is also offered in a hybrid fashion. Registration is required for both in-person and virtual.