The 36th session of SCCR, taking place at WIPO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, will provide a further opportunity to make the case for a world where libraries everywhere benefit from at least a minimum set of exceptions and limitations to copyright. These provisions are essential for acts such as preservation, research copying and lending. 

IFLA has engaged for a number of years in WIPO, calling for progress which will not only help libraries in countries without adequate provisions improve, but which will also facilitate cross-border working. At the upcoming meeting of SCCR, we will be calling in particular for action plans which set out a path to a fuller understanding by all of the situation faced by our members. The meeting will also discuss education, broadcasting, and the situation of creators in a digital environment. 

Find out more about what IFLA is doing on copyright interenationally here, and watch the meeting video here (from 10am Central European Time – find out when this is for you). Follow IFLA's engagement on Twitter and Facebook.


IFLA will be represented by Winston Tabb, Head of the IFLA Delegation to SCCR; Stephen Wyber, Manager, Policy & Advocacy, and Ariadna Matas, Policy and Research Officer