The Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network is a multistakeholder organization addressing the tension between the cross-border nature of the internet and national jurisdictions. Its Paris-based Secretariat facilitates a global policy process between key stakeholders to enable transnational cooperation and foster policy coherence. Participants in the Policy Network work together to preserve the cross-border nature of the Internet, protect human rights, fight abuses, and enable the global digital economy. Since 2012, the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network has engaged more than 200 key entities from six stakeholder groups around the world: governments, international organizations, Internet companies, technical operators, academia and civil society. 

The 3rd Global Conference of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network will be held on June 3-5, 2019, in Berlin, Germany, and is organized in partnership with the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany. The meeting will gather senior-level representatives from states, Internet companies, technical operators, civil society, academia and international organizations to advance the development of operational solutions and policy standards for cross-border legal challenges on the internet.  

SOURCE: Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network