IFLA President Barbara Lison will speak for libraries at the 3rd Global Policy Forum of the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme, on the topic of “Enhancing International Cooperation to better Safeguard Documentary Heritage at Risk”, taking place on 21-22 November in Tokyo, Japan.

UNESCO’s Memory of the World Programme has the parallel goals of supporting the preservation of documentary heritage, enabling its accessibility, and raising awareness of its importance. IFLA is highly engaged in its work, most recently participating actively in the preparation and launch of statement issued to mark the Programme’s 30th anniversary.

The Policy Forum is an opportunity to build understanding and awareness of the key policy issues linked to achieving these, and will this year take place in Tokyo, Japan, on 21 and 22 November. IFLA President Barbara Lison will be representing IFLA, both speaking in a panel, and using the opportunity to engage with the National Diet Library of Japan.

This year’s Forum focuses in particular on topics related to natural and man-made disasters, and in particular how we can strengthen international cooperation, as well as boosting existing global initiatives, tools, and opportunities for the preservation of documentary heritage. Coming soon after the COP27 conference, and with conflict a sad reality in many parts of the world, the importance of this topic cannot be underestimated.