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October 2023
03 October
06 October
04 October

Webinar – Rescuing our world from the harms of censorship: Providing access to information in unprecedented times

Location: Zoom

A webinar organized with the purpose of commemorating this year's "Banned Books Week" (1-7 Oct). IFLA Management of Library Associations (MLAS) in collaboration with IFLA's Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression Advisory Committee (FAIFE) will be presenting a virtual Town Hall to discuss access to information under siege across the world, as well as best practices and strategies from library associations and librarians.

From: Advisory Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression
08 October
12 October

Internet Governance Forum 2023

Location: Kyoto, Japan and online

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a United Nations multi-stakeholder platform for dialogue between governments, business, civil society and the technical community on public policy issues related to the way the Internet works and is regulated.

From: Asia-Oceania Regional Division