During the World Library and Information Congress, the Genealogy and Local History Section sponsored a field trip to sites of interest  in the Milan area.  The trip was attended by 38 people. The trip included the following visits as well as a stop at the Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan to view Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper painting.

State Archives of Milano (Archivio di Stato di Milano)
The archivists presented an overview of archives in Italy, the duties and purpose of the state archive, the services they offer, historical background, and examples of documents in their holdings.  Their records date to the 8th Century. They showed us the public reading room, their digitization equipment, and some of their storage rooms.
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Genealogical Association of Lombardia (L’Associazione Genealogica Lombarda)
At the City Hall in Trezza sull’Adda (east of Milan) we met with officers of the Genealogical Association of Lombardia. They explained the background of 
their association, its objectives and approach, the main genealogical sources in the area, and some of their special projects.
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Roman Catholic Diocese of Piacenza
The final visit of the day was to the offices of the Piacenza-Bobbio Diocese in the Piacenza Cathedral (Duomo di Piacenza) in the Emilia-Romagna Region south of Milan.  The diocese is part of the Modena-Nonantola Archdiocese. The diocesan archives hold the administrative, ecclesiastical, and sacramental records for all of the Catholic churches in the diocese. The archivist showed us parts of the duomo, described the records and showed examples of documents.