The 2021 Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) is taking place on 27-30 September under the theme “Towards an Inclusive, Sustainable and Trusted Internet”. APrIGF is a regional open dialogue that brings together diverse stakeholders – from the tech community and public sector to academia, civil society, and more – interested in policies and practices that shape the Internet.

From public access to the Internet and ICT to digital skills, fundamental rights online and access to locally relevant content – libraries can offer valuable insights to many of these discussions by drawing on their own experiences and practices. You are welcome to attend, listen in and take part in virtual APrIGF sessions that explore a wide range of topics – from online learning during the pandemic to content moderation and beyond!

IFLA Members will be speaking at a workshop “Building digital information literacy skills for trust and well-being”. The panellists will draw on the experiences of libraries with supporting digital skills-building for their communities across the region:

  • Louise Denoon (State Library of Queensland, Australia)
  • Sara Pek (National Library Board of Singapore)
  • Gita Thapa (Nepal Library Association)

You are welcome to join and explore this and other sessions of APrIGF 2021 – the full conference progamme and more information is available on the APrIGF website.