Tues, 27 June (15:00 CEST)

IFLA LPD (Print Disabilities) / DAISY Consortium

Registration: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_CStQegTLSJKMh7xApyLLdw

Moderator: Dipendra Manocha

  1. Introduction and welcome by Dipendra Manocha, including perspectives from India
  2. WBU, N. N.: one of the initiators of the treaty, has challenges worldwide in focus, support through: WBU Guide to the Marrakesh treaty & WBU Marrakesh Treaty Pocket Guide & WBU letter to all governments à Maryanne Diamond is asked à not confirmed yet
  3. DAISY Consortium, Richard Orme: The impact of the Treaty and the role of the DAISY Consortium
  4. IFLA, Stephen Wyber: IFLA promotes the Treaty and its implementation globally.
  5. Geert Ruebens: personal experience & travel report, librarian view, representing LPD in Marrakesh
  6. Vision Australia, Vildana Praljak & Siobhan Dennis: A retrospect – the first exchange between Australia and Canada
  7. ABC, Monica Halil: chances and challenges of a world wide catalogue
  8. ONCE, Francisco Javier Martínez Calvo: the work ONCE does to support the idea of the Treaty, situation and challenges in Latin America
  9. EBU & ONCE, Bárbara Martín: perspective as president of the EBU and #1 fan of the Treaty and perspective as a beneficiary person
  10. LPD, Yasmine Youssuf, Chair of LPD: the situation in Arabic speaking countries
  11. Victoria Owen | IFLA perspective and perspective from University Libraries, initiator of the Guidelines „Getting Started!“
  12. EIFL – Electronic Information for Libraries, Teresa Hackett: support the MT with publications like EIFL – Marrakesh Treaty Facts, The Marrekesh Treaty – an EIFL Guide for libraries.