The IFLA Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities Section (LPD) is bringing to you a webinar on Thursday March 31st from 13:00 to 14:30 Universal Time.

The webinar is titled “Deep Diving into Online Library Systems”. Online distribution of accessible books has completely changed how books are delivered to persons with print disabilities. It is amazing to see how many such online distribution systems are using the power of internet yet make it extremely simple to use even for the senior citizens and technologically challenged persons with blindness or low vision. There are several ready to use solutions to setup such online libraries and services that have been setup using these solutions.

Each presentation  is made by the software platform provider along with the organisation  providing the library service in their country. Each of the four presentations is an example of different models of setting up the distribution system.

  1. Bookshare and RNIB: Bookshare not only provides the online library software platform to RNIB, but also adds vast collection of accessible content under exception and international distribution license from publishers.
  2. ABC’s supplementary application: is a model where accessible digital content from various participating libraries from different parts of the world is collected in this platform and can also  allow Authorised Entities to offer direct access to these books  to  their members.
  3. TCS and DAISY Forum of India: is a model where a national online library is able to offer locally produced content from multiple sources along with books from both Bookshare and ABC global books service in single platform.
  4. Celia and Pratsam (Finland): is a platform that offers both options of open source software  available  free of cost to anyone or through a service provider that can configure the open source software as per the requirement of any specific country.