Join our Spanish-language panel on how to increase the impact of access to information initiatives in Latin America, notably through libraries, as part of the International Day for the Universal Access to Information, to be held at 17:00 UTC (see what time this is for you) on Tuesday 28 September. 

Within the framework of the celebrations of the International Day of Universal Access to Information 2021, IFLA is happy to work with UNESCO to present a panel on building the effectiveness of Access to Information initiatives.

The overall theme of the 2021 International Day for Universal Access to Information celebrations is « The Right to Know – Building Back Better with Access to Information ».

How to ensure that Access to Information laws translate into effective outcomes?

How to make sure citizens are aware of all the possibilities open to them and how to encourage them to use them to their fullest?

What solutions work in building demand for information but also in supplying it?

This panel, organised by IFLA’s Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, will focus on lessons learnt about stimulating uptake of rights to information and how regional cooperation can accelerate progress.

Speakers from civil society, academic and governmental backgrounds will explore the scope in a wide region with a shared language such as Latin America.

While Latin America is hugely diverse, there are long-established partnerships between institutions involved in promoting and delivering on the right to information, including countries’ parliaments themselves.

This session will look at progresses made towards improved laws, structures and practices as well as debate examples of successful efforts in implementing Access to Information policies.

Moderator : 

  • Mr. Alejandro Santa, Coordinating Director, Library of Congress of Argentina

Speakers : 

  • Mr. Carlos Selva, Member of the Parliament, Argentina;
  • Mr. Manuel Cotado, Director of modernisation at the chamber of Deputies, Argentina;
  • Ms. Carolina Alfonso Peñafiel, Director of Mexican Parliament Library, Mexico;
  • Ms Judith Mariscal and Mr. Juan Manuel García, Centro Latam Digital, Mexico;

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