During a disaster, people need access to accurate information and clear, specific instructions to help them act appropriately. Libraries (especially public libraries), in addition to health, fire, and police departments, are community outreach centers and sources of credible information at difficult times. In times of crisis, they can aid in disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.

During this session (11.30 am – 12.30 am ET), Feili Tu-Keefner will be discussing her research into the role public librarians have played during times of crisis, and sharing lessons learnt.

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Further details

Public libraries have long made valuable contributions to their communities by consistently providing essential information services.  In times of crisis, they can aid in disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.  The mission of librarians is to improve community members’ lives through facilitating knowledge creation, preservation, and dissemination at such times. In this webinar, we will discuss:
  • design of situation specific research to examine disaster and health information needs and access by professionals and the general public, including the methodology used
  • assessment of public librarians’ collaborations between health sciences librarians and professionals from other sectors in the provision of critical information services 
  • establishment of ways to prepare in advance for provision of information needed during a disaster
  • examination of the use of multiple channels and technology (including social media) for information distribution and services
  • identifying professional librarians’ required knowledge skills and competencies in order to hone these through professional development programs
Feili Tu-Keefner 
School of Library and Information Science, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, United States of America.