NOTE: this session will be live-streamed. Please see IFLA Express just prior to session time!

Sanomahouse Media Piazza

In an outdoor setting IFLA/FAIFE will bring the people of Helsinki
closer to the issues and the experts through three public discussions.

Time: 13.00 to 15.00
Address: Toolonlahdenkatu 2

SESSION I 13:00 –

This is how you are being controlled today!

Chair: Kai Ekholm
Guests: Loida Garcia Febo, FAIFE Expert Resource Person

SESSION II 13:35 –

They own Your Data! What are you going to do?

Chair: Päivikki Karhula
Guest: Hanna Nikkanen, a prize winning journalist and activist

Is Copyright really collapsing?

Chair: Stuart Hamilton
Guest: Anna Troberg, President of the Swedish Pirate Party

This is a new approach of IFLA/FAIFE. Be there! Or you will regret it….