IFLA has been working for many years on topics related to copyright, promoting reforms at the national, regional and international global level, notably within the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Whatever the type of library, each faces copyright issues in its own way: preservation copying for heritage libraries, providing access for research and education, eBook pricing and terms, controlled digital lending and beyond. In many cases, COVID-19 has underlined the need for reforms to ensure that such activities are clearly legal, and can take place digitally, and across borders.

As we look into 2021, we are keen to ensure that we build capacity around the world to engage in copyright issues, in particular in support of IFLA’s work at WIPO, given its unique role in creating and interpreting international law on copyright.

IFLA is, therefore, looking for dynamic and committed library professionals who are ready to bring the voice and needs of libraries on copyright to the intellectual property offices and ministries which define national positions at WIPO.

The dynamic that IFLA wishes to create with library professionals will enable libraries to have a stronger voice internationally, while also presenting an opportunity to learn about the possibilities created by working with WIPO.

Therefore, we would like to offer two sessions to get started with WIPO’s work:

_ Tuesday 16th of February at 9:00 CET

_ Tuesday 16th of February at 16:00 CET

We hope that these two sessions will cover several time zones and will provide a convenient time to our international members.  We invite members to register via this form.