This year’s Global Conference on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest will take place online. With a strong focus on how intellectiul property laws, including copyright have affected the response to COVID-19, it provides a useful opportunity to get up to speed with the latest discussions and developments.

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IFLA will be participating in at least two sessions:

Copyright and COVID: What the World Intellectual Property Organization Should Do

6 October, 2:30pm – 3:20 CEST (see what time this is for you)

This session will focus on the opportunity that the World Intellectual Property Organization has to contribute to the response to COVID-19, both as concerns the effort to develop vaccines and treatments, and in order to minimise the negative impacts of the restrictions governments have needed to impose on schools, universities, research centres and libraries.

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Pandemic-Proof Libraries: Lessons from COVID-19 

7 October, 3:00pm – 4:20pm CEST (see what time this is for you)

With libraries unable to offer in-person services, the need for laws that enable our institutions to use digital tools to fulfil their missions is as clear as ever. Yet in too many situations, this has not been the case. What needs to change for libraries to be able to respond effectively during future waves of infection, or other future pandemics or disasters?

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