Sponsored by: IFLA Serials and Other Continuing Resources Section

Co-sponsored by: IFLA National Libraries Section  

Date: August 23, 2019 (8:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Venue: National Library of Greece, SNFCC: Stavros Niarchos Foundation Athens, Greece


The Internet has dramatically altered how grey literature is defined. The importance, the availability, the access, and the types of grey literature have significantly increased since the days of keeping pamphlets and newspaper clippings in a vertical file. Deciding if a resource is commercially published or if it is grey literature has become more complex and requires judgement. Knowledge of a field of study is helpful in knowing where to find or to gain insight into grey literature. This satellite will address how libraries and others are meeting the challenges of grey literature. It will explore strategies for discovering and identifying grey literature; managing both the grey literature and its metadata; and ensuring the long term preservation of grey literature.

Please join us for an exploration of grey literature: its scope in the digital age; how repositories are managing it; and how it be being made discoverable and accessible to users. The program will include a mixture of presentations and breakout discussions, encouraging a productive conversation not merely between the various presenters but with all the attendees.

The satellite program is being held at the new premises of the National Library of Greece at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. Opened in 2018, the National Library "redefines its relationship with the public as a space for study, research and education, a crucible for ideas and an open place for learning" while maintaining its role as the custodian of Greek literary heritage. At 4:00 PM attendees will be led on a private tour of the National Library of Greece.

Papers include:

Grey Literature as Valuable Resources in National Library of Iran: from Organizing to Digitization (Reza Shahrabi Farahani & Somayeh Sadat Hashemi, Iran)

Collection Strategies for Grey Literature in the Sciences: Implications for Research Libraries in the Digital Era (Julia Gelfand & Anthony Lin, USA)

Expanding the Universe: Social Media as Grey Literature (Carla Davis-Castro, USA)

Grey literature in Japanese Academia (Yoshie Uwabo & Masaki Aihara, Japan)

Identifying, Discovering, and Marketing Grey Literature in Science in the English-Speaking Caribbean (Karlene Robinson, Maureen Kerr-Campbell & Sonia Patrickson-Stewart, Jamaica)

Metadata for Research Projects as Grey Node Hubs for Literature Repository (Jiuming Ji & Weihong Luo, China)

New Knowledge Services for Grey Literature: Innovative Ways to Improve Our Services in China (Shu Liu, China)

Open Respositories as Knowledge Hubs for Innovation: New Role of Grey Literature (Ricardo Etto-Brun, Spain)

Repositories and Institutional Grey Literature (Du Pingping & Liyuke, China)

Research Engagement: Belt and Road Initiative (Gayle Chan, Hong Kong)

Shining the Light on Grey Literature: Serving and Preserving Research Data at the National Transportation Library (Mary Moulton, USA)

Survey of Grey Literature of National Library and Archives of Iran (Afsaneh Teymouri Khani, Iran) 

The Discussion in the Scientific Literature about Theses and Dissertations: Are They Still Grey Documents? (Tainá Batista de Assis, Brazil)