Please join us for our upcoming webinar, ‘Health Communication for the Complex World’ with health scientist, science communicator, and podcaster Anna W. I. Au.

Learn to use clear health communication strategies to improve your health literacy outreach.

Join us on 28 May 2021, 16:00 – 17:00 BST (GMT+1). At the meeting time, use this link to access the event:
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Webinar Outline

  1. Warming up: introducing health and public health

    • How science communication fits into public health
  2. Who are the health communicators?

    • Institutional and individual actors
    • Primary actors and facilitators
  3. What are the common mistakes we make?

    • Two models of science communication will be introduced.
    • Findings from sociology and psychology literature will be used to explain selected mechanisms of attitude and behavioural change.
  4. How can librarians make health communication better?

    • Open science
    • Makerspaces
    • Design training
    • Communication training