The  theme for the IFLA Library Buildings and Equipment Section's Open Session at WLIC 2018 is Designing Inclusive Libraries.  Globalisation celebrates innovation, entrepreneurship and growth. In a culturally diverse society, economic division and social inequity are apparent. Value systems seem to support individuality rather than social inclusion. Library design has frequently focused on creating facilities and services that suit most people rather than all people.  We think everyone is the same and that we know what they want. But do we? We are all “other” in some way—sometimes our “otherness” is visible and sometimes it is not.  Variations in ability, culture, perspective, age, capability or background have been accommodated in library service delivery and in the built environment largely as add-on features, rather than assuming that everyone is different. Library design based on universal application changes the dialogue, the process, and the outcome. How could library planning and design better accommodate user differences in all types of libraries (public, academic, national and special)? Come and hear speakes from Africa, Europe and North America addressing these important issues including keynote Ilona Kish the Director of the Public Libraries 2020 (PL2020) project team.