IFLA NPSIG: IFLAcamp #9 in Rotterdam

18 - 19 August 2023
Goethe-Institut in Rotterdam
Register before 30 June 2023
IFLAcamp, an IFLA WLIC 2023 Satellite Conference at Goethe-Institut Niederlande in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, from 18-19 August 2023

IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group announces the ninth edition of IFLAcamp! This event is organised together with the Goethe-Institut Niederlande in Rotterdam on 18 – 19 August, 2023. Join us for this exciting event focused on the theme of “The European Year of Skills” established by the European Commission in 2023.

Topic of the IFLAcamp & Agenda

The European Commision established 2023 as “The European Year of Skills”. It is important that UE wants to promote a mindset of reskilling and upskilling as well as helping people to get the right skills for jobs. Learning new skills is also connected with work in libraries and for this reason, NPSIG would like to offer  many possibilities to share their knowledge.

Agenda of IFLAcamp includes discussions, skillcamp and visiting Rotterdam with a game. It is known that it is an unusual situation to have in one place so many librarians with great experience, interests, and opinions. During the IFLAcamp New Professionals SIG would like to invite participants to discuss real challenges or problems in libraries from around the world and try to find solutions. Then, Skillcamp will be a space where we all can present our skills which can be useful not only in our work. Don’t think about big things! You can present everything from graphic programs and dance to design and some words from your language.


We created a special website for IFLAcamp: https://iflacamp.wordpress.com/ where you can find the agenda and registration form here. Deadline for registration is July 15th, 2023.