IFLA’s PAC Centre for digital preservation hosted at the National Library of Poland is holding a series of 10 webinars to walk beginners through the route to basic understanding of digitisation projects. The second webinar in the series will introduce the audience to the process of preparing digitisation projects of different scale.

Speakers will offer participants real life examples. It is free to join and will cover up-to-date practices for digitisation. No registration needed. Recordings will be posted online following the webinar.

Date: April 7, 13:00 UTC

Join the webinar at this link: https://tinyurl.com/IFLA-PAC-webinar-2

About the Webinar

Jody Butterworth will present the Endangered Archives Programme (EAP) which facilitates the digitisation of archives around the world that are in danger of destruction, neglect, or physical deterioration. The Programme has provided grants to more than 430 projects in over 90 countries worldwide. The digitised content is made available through local archival partners and the EAP website. This presentation will cover the types of projects supported by the Programme, the application process and criteria for accessing submissions, as well as resources available if you are contemplating a digitisation project of your own.

Salome Phachuashvili will share the experience of Endangered Archives Program application preparation, applying and project implementation based on the case of the project “The Caucasian Silk Circle: Digitising Photo Collection of the State Silk Museum in Georgia”. The State Silk Museum’s photo collection is a unique archive of the 1890s-1900s’ Caucasian history, ethnography, aesthetics etc. The project allowed for digitising very fragile materials (most of which does not have other copies) which were fading day by day. The presentation will be interesting for those who are planning to apply for the EAP funding, and it will cover some important tips and recommendations as well as possible difficulties and obstacles throughout the whole process.

Tomasz Gruszkowski will speak about the influence of a huge project on day-to-day business of a big library. It took almost a year and a half to prepare the three-year digitisation project – Patrimonium. The project required participation of all content departments, the copyright unit, storage service staff, conservation institute and security staff. Digitisation, the metadata binding of digital objects and their long-term archiving were key elements, but the process proved that digitisation projects are digital in name only. Preparation of a timetable, a budget, introduction of an improved workflow ultimately resulted in the commitment of a very large part of the library’s resources.


Jody Butterworth has been working for the Endangered Archives Programme, based at the British Library, since December 2012. She first joined the Library in 2006, working in the Prints, Drawings and Photographs section of the Asia and Africa Department and then within Collection Care. Her eclectic experiences prior to the Library include working for the National Trust, the Ashmolean Museum and the Royal Collection, teaching English in Japan and China and learning Buddhist thangka painting in Mongolia.

Salome Phachuashvili is a collection curator at the State Silk Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia. She has a Bachelor’s degree in art history from Tbilisi State University and Master’s degree in museum studies from The University of Leicester. She has been working in the museum field since 2013 and has been involved in a number of local as well as international projects in different areas of museology.

Tomasz Gruszkowski has been with the Digital Collections Department of the National Library of Poland since March 2016, introducing and maintaining digitisation standards at the digital lab, overseeing the public tender for purchase of digitisation equipment. Director of IFLA Preservation and Conservation Centre for digital preservation at the National Library. He has delivered lectures and speeches on digitisation, standards, cultural heritage, digital preservation at conferences and congresses.

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