IFLA President's Meeting 2019

Save the Date!

Dear colleagues,

IFLA is happy to announce that the IFLA President’s Meeting 2019 will be held on 23 May, in the National Museum of Fine Arts in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are very lucky to be working with the Library of the National Congress of Argentina, the Secretary of Culture of Argentina, the Mariano Moreno National Library and the Buenos Aires City Government which has made this possible. 

Under the theme ‘Motors of Change: Libraries and Sustainable Development’, participants will take part in a series of interactive discussions with the authors behind the 2019 Development and Access to Information Report and others. Our goal? To reflect on all the ways in which libraries make development happen, and how we can realise this potential across the region.

Kind regards,

Gerald Leitner
IFLA Secretary General

Learn more about the President’s Meeting 2019 and watch it live by courtesy of the Library of the National Congress through its YouTube Channel.