The Webinar of the Education and Training Section focused on projects and programs with innovative LIS competencies in education and practice; what it took to get there, what challenges they faced, what new opportunities it presented for educators, librarians and patrons, as well as their communities, equip communities with new literacies, where people were trying to help communities with certain needs, overcoming some of the challenges facing a community. The implementation of these competencies will help to inform future curricular decisions, recommendations and best practices.

This is the second of two webinars organised under the theme of “Putting Emerging LIS Competencies into Education and Practice: Challenges and Opportunities”. A Question and Answer session followed each session.

Click here for program. Day 2 – 20 November 2020
Webinar recording link:

Session 1 Light the Hope with Information Service: How Chinese librarians embed their professions into the battle against covid-19  – Slides
Session 2 Global Internships for Digital Libraries Masters’ Students: mentors’ and students’ perspectives on challenges and success factors – Slides 
Session 3 Climbing the Mountain: Competancy Development for CARL Libraries – Slides

Part 1 of this webinar took place on 19 November.


  • Raphaëlle Bats
  • Camille Delaune
  • Mathilde Gaffet
  • Laure Papon-Vidal
  • Julie Biando Edwards
  • Hanadi Buarki
  • Hui-Yun Sung
  • Miao Meijuan
  • Liu Xiaodong
  • Anna Maria Tammaro
  • Graham Walton
  • Beth Filar Williams
  • Kathleen De Long
  • Vivian Lewis

Suggested audience: LIS educators, librarians, library managers, LIS students

Organisers: Albina Krymskaya (

Sponsored byIFLA Education and Training Section (SET)