During the COVID-19 pandemic, digital inclusion and access to key content and services online has been at the heart of efforts to adjust and continue educational, research, cultural and other key social activities online.

How well were the various emergency responses – from governments, libraries, publishers – able to ensure access to these key content and materials? What lessons about equitable access to key digital content have been learned – and what policy changes are needed to help ensure equitable access in ‘the new normal’ and in future crises?

Join the 2020 IGF Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries session to hear from speakers from AfLIA, Gigabit Libraires Network, Internet Archive and Electronic Information for Libraries discuss key policy questions and possible solutions to support digital inclusion and access to information!

Find out more about the session and register for the 2020 IGF to join the discussion on November 5, 12:40-14:10 UTC (see what time this is for you)!