The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is an important gathering for discussing how the internet works. Its multistakeholder approach allows for open discussion between civil society organizations from all over the world, businesses and government representatives.

This year, IFLA is organising two events on the topic of public access in libraries. These will both offer opportunities to build on the draft Public Access Toolkit that IFLA and its partners in the Dynamic Coalition on Public Access (DC-PAL) have drafted over the past months with input from but also other stakeholders such as the Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity (DC3).

IFLA and DC-PAL members will take part in a roundtable discussion around the Public Access Toolkit. A panel that mirrors the chapters in the toolkit was assembled. The confirmed invitees are: Valeria Betancourt, Association for Progressive Communication (moderator), Don Means, GLN (technology and infrastructure), Maia Simonshivili, National Parlamentary Library of Georgia (library perspective), Peter Micek, Access Now (legal and privacy), Leandro Navarro, Pangea (finance), Roger Baig (regulation). The goal is to engage speakers and other participants in a discussion to finalize the toolkit and use it as an advocacy tool. Additional information for this event are listed here.  

The second event will be held at the American library in Paris and IFLA, as one of the leading organizers will encourage participants to discuss a strategy for universal internet access. Participants at this event include Libraries Without Borders, Internet Society, Dynamic Coalition of Public Access, Partnership for Public Access, Community Connectivity Coaliton, and the President of the National Library of France. Additional information for this event and an open invitation to join us are available here.

Read more about how you can get involved in IGF events in our guide.