As a member of the International Science Council (ISC), IFLA will participate in the mid-term membersĀ  meeting, working both to gather relevant information to share with colleagues, and underline the importance of national academies of science to work with libraries.

The International Science Council has been the leading global organisation for science for five years now, following the merger of the International Council for Science and the International Social Science Council. Similarly to IFLA, it focuses strongly both on providing a space for exchange and standards development between members (many of whom are national science academies), as well as building external relationships.

Crucially, we share much in terms of a focus on the importance of supporting the production of, access to, and application of quality information to support the achievement of development goals.

The ISC mid-term members’ meeting is an opportunity to catch up on and share about the work the ISC is doing, with many elements highly relevant for libraries – notably around open science and scholarly communication, and the Sustainable Development Goals.

IFLA will be present, and engage with other delegates as well as ISC staff, in order both to gather and share key information for our field, as well as to explore opportunities to support stronger engagement between IFLA’s members and other ISC members.