Flyer for the International Summit of the Book 2021

“Of all things, I liked books best”, Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

The 10th International Summit of the Book, organsied both online and in Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Summit is an initiative of the US Library of Congress, and discusses the development of books into electronic formats and its impact on reading; the challenges facing books and the publishing industry and the role of books and reading in societies.

The Summit also discusses key issues on technology and manuscripts, including the role of translation in the preservation and transmission of culture, and books as an important tool in cultural exchange.

In previous years, the Summit has been held across a number of continents in cities that have a global cultural impact in countries such as the United States, Singapore, France, Egypt, Ireland, Romania and Azerbaijan.

This year, it is held in conjunction with the Western Balkans Information and Media Literacy Conference.

IFLA President-elect Tonia Arahova will give a keynote speech in the context of the conference.