The freedom for libraries to acquire books and develop a collection. A relic of a pre-digital age? Or an ongoing issue in dire need of action? Who and what determines what libraries, both public and academic, can offer: user needs vs publishers’ policies? And how can we protect the rights of access to education, knowledge, and cultural participation? Join KR21 for our first webinar and hear what experts have to say on these topics.

The situation facing libraries when working with eBooks is a key theme of the Knowledge Rights 21 Programme. In our webinar, you’ll learn all about KR21, and the latest developments around eBooks in different parts of Europe. Finally, we’ll be discussing the solutions being pursued.

Keys takeaways will be:
– A strong understanding of the issues around eBooks in libraries today,
– Opportunities open to libraries under the wider Knowledge Rights 21 Programme,
– An open invitation to help us shape the Programme’s next steps on eBooks.


  • Benjamin White, Chair of LIBER’s Copyright and Legal Matters Working Group, researcher at Bournemouth University’s Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management.
  • Barbara Schleihagen, Executive Director, German Library Association
  • Cathal McCauley, University Librarian, Maynooth University

Time: May 19, 2022 2:00 PM in Amsterdam (see what time this is for you)