IFLA is excited to offer this official Side Event during the UNESCO World Conference on Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development – MONDIACULT 2022

In order to enable culture to fill its potential for empowering individuals and societies, there must be linkages encouraged with education across all levels – and this cannot ignore the importance of non-formal education and lifelong learning.

Libraries are at the intersection of culture and education – championing lifelong learning for all while also preserving and providing access to cultural heritage and diverse cultural expressions – including in the digital environment. They support multiculturalism and linguistic diversity, and are strong advocates for access to information.

Libraries are well suited to act as partners in planning and implementing strategies to link culture and education in support of development goals. Lessons learned from examples of library involvement in culture-education linkages can also serve as a model for integration of culture with other key development policy areas.

This side event will explore how partnerships with libraries can contribute to public policy schemes in support of goals relating to linking culture and education for sustainable development.

It will seek to engage in a conversation on culture-education linkages with stakeholders from the library, education, and development sectors to share diverse input and explore possible future lines of collaboration.