Data curation has emerged as a new area of responsibility for researchers, librarians, and information professionals in the digital environment. Digital technologies continue transforming scholarship practices including the ways research is conducted and disseminated.  An increased emphasis has been placed on data as valuable research products that need to be managed throughout the lifecycle, shared, and preserved.  Research data management has also become a high priority due to the requirements of funding agencies and journal publishers to make research data readily available at the time of article publication. The variety and sheer volume of data that must be processed, preserved, and made available to the scholarly community and public at large is creating new roles, responsibilities, and challenges, both technical and theoretical, for researchers, librarians and other information professionals who support them.

The primary goal of the Satellite Meeting is to engage the international scholarly community in a conversation leading to a better understanding of the challenges that the new requirements for the dissemination of research data are posing to researchers and information professionals and to discuss the main trends in data curation/research data management practices and education. The IFLA Satellite Meeting hosted by the University of Warsaw, will explore the international and interdisciplinary perspectives on the roles and responsibilities of data curators.

Full details on our IFLA Satellite Meeting 2017 website.