As part of our regional workshop on a strong and sustainable library field in Sub-Saharan Africa, we are holding a short conference focused on how libraries can contribute to the work and objectives of the United Nations in the region.

Mobilising Libraries to Deliver on UN Goals in Africa

For IFLA, engaging with international actors and processes can be a great way of advancing the goal of a strong and sustainable library field at all levels.

Through our work around the SDGs, we are already seeing libraries affirm their roles as contributors to development across government, and build up wider networks of contacts.

The conference on mobilising libraries to deliver on UN goals in Africa, to be held in Nairobi on 18 October, will bring together officials from UN Habitat, the UN Economic Commission for Africa, he UN Environment Programme and UNESCO in order to discuss priorities and opportunities for collaboration.

We look forward to coming out of the event with ideas and plans for new collaborations between libraries and UN offices on the ground across Africa, both accelerating the achievement of UN missions and boosting the profile and impact of libraries.


  • Edlam Abera Yemuru, Chief, Knowledge and Innovation Branch, UN HABITAT
  • Rula Qalyoubi, Senior Programme Management Officer and UNEP Science-Policy Sub-programme Coordinator
  • Sharmaine Koh, Communications and Information Sector, UNESCO Nairobi
  • Xianhong Hu, Programme Specialist, UNESCO Paris
  • Angeline Djampou, Head, Knowledge and Publications Management Unit, UNEP
  • Irene Onyancha, Chief of Knowledge Management Services, UN ECA
  • Hellen Nyabera, Head, Knowledge Management Unit, UN Habitat
  • Vicki McDonald, President, IFLA
  • Alejandro Santa, Chair, Regional Council, IFLA
  • Sharon Memis, Secretary General, IFLA

This project is made possible through a grant from Stitching IFLA Global Libraries.