Dear colleagues,

do you want to develop your career, need to tackle challenging situations, achieve your goals and expand your career and professional development opportunities with the support of well educated professionals?
Then please consider signing up for a Coaching Session during WLIC 2021!
The IFLA Coaching Initiative of IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Section (CPDWL) and IFLA Management & Marketing Section (M&M) invites colleagues who are registered for the WLIC 2021 to take part in an Online Coaching Session.
Time: August 9 – 13 and August 23 – 27, 2021.
As the WLIC will be held virtually this year the coaching initiative will continue as one hour online coaching sessions.
Online booking with an individual coach within your time zone is available at .
The coaches are based in various countries and different time zones. You can choose your preferences for a language and time slot that suits you best.
Coaching is currently available in the following languages: English, Dutch, Russian, German, Hindi, Italian, Portugese, Punjabi, Spanish, and Swedish.
After booking, please wait until the coach contacts you to discuss which online platform (Zoom, WebEx, Skype…) you prefer and to explore alternative time slots.
In addition, you can also ask the coach about the format of the coaching.
To prepare for the session and see your tasks as a coachee please visit the IFLA website IFLA Coachee Information and Preparation ( ).
You will find the information in all official IFLA languages and beyond.
We look forward to your participation!
Kindest regards,
The IFLA Coaching Initiative work group:
Ulrike Lang (convenor), Almuth Gastinger, Vera Keown, Carmen Lei, Barbara Schleihagen, Ewa Stenberg