At a United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) Policy Council meeting on October 26 2021, speakers from IFLA and Cities Coalition for Digital Rights (CC4DR) will share their perspectives on building synergies between libraries’ and municipalities’ work on digital inclusion and digital rights.

This UCLG Policy Council on the Right to the City and Inclusive Territories meeting takes place within the framework of Urban October – a month of thematic activities and dialogues around urban sustainability.

As part of the broader policy dialogue around the rights to the city, opportunities for all and equitable recovery, a segment of this meeting will focus on cities’ and libraries’ digital inclusion work – and how it is linked to other key policy goals and the fundamental rights of their communities.

You can join the meeting to find out more about:

  • BiblioTech hubs in the municipality of Tirana, Albania,
  • The digital inclusion work of Helsingborg City Libraries in Sweden,
  • An overview of CC4DR cities’ initiatives and collaborations to support digital literacy,
  • And an open discussion on ways to power collaborations between city-governments and libraries to champion digital rights and inclusion.

You can find out more and register to attend this meeting via the UCLGMeets Platform.