The IFLA Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section’s quarterly meetings are recurring work meetings for members of the section’s standing committee.

Non-members are warmly welcome to join the meetings as observers, to get a glimpse of the section’s ongoing work and current issues.



1. Welcome and information from the Chair
Approval of the agenda.
Approval of the minutes from Quarterly Meeting 2023-January-13 (please see draft on Basecamp/Docs&Files/Quarterly Meetings 2023).

2. Midyear Meeting 2023

3.  Midyear Meeting 2024 update

4. WLIC 2023

4. Working group reports:

World Through Picture Books

The World Through Picture Books Working Group: Claire Stuckey (coordinator) (Australia), Annie Everall (coordinator) (UK), Emilie Bettega (France), Yuko Nagano (Japan), Anton Purnik (Russia), Maria Alekseeva (Russia), Antonella Lamberti (Italy)

Best Practices
Best Practices Working Group: Anton Purnik (Russia) (coordinator), Alica Kolaric (Croatia), Emiko Goeku (Japan), Linn T. Sunne (Norway), Maria Alekseeva (Russia), Sevgi Arioglu (Turkey).

Sister Libraries
Sister Libraries Working Group: Anton Purnik (Russia) (coordinator), Maria Alexiusson (Sweden), Tone Larssen Rogne (Norway), Emiko Goeku (Japan), Maria Alekseeva (Russia).

Guidelines update
Guidelines update working group: Carolynn Rankin (UK) (coordinator), Alica Kolaric (Croatia), Huey Bin Heng (Singapore).

Guidelines short version
Guidelines short version working group: Huey Bin Heng (Singapore) (coordinator), Carolynn Rankin (UK), Claire Stuckey (Australia), Salomon Hellman (Sweden).

Safer Interet Day
Safer Internet Day working group: Marianne Martens (USA) (coordinator), Annie Everall (UK), Huey Bin Heng (Singapore), Emiko Goeku (Japan), Alica Kolaric (Croatia), Antonella Lamberti (Italy), Carolynn Rankin (UK), Sevgi Arioglu (Turkey)

Communication Team
Communication Team: Salomon Hellman (Sweden), Huey Bin Heng (Singapore), Tone Larssen Rogne (Norway), Linn T. Sunne (Norway)

ALMA working group: Antonella Lamberti (Italy), Salomon Hellman (Sweden), Jorun Systad (Norway)
5. Any other business:
Elections 2023